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Pre-Sale : Fiber Laser Machines
Pre-Sale : Fiber Laser Machines

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One of the advantages of QCW Fiber Lasers is the ability to quickly increase and decrease power levels, and to switch from pulse mode to continuous operation mode online.

This is possible given the absence of thermal lenses and the fast response of the pump diode in the fiber resonator.

QCW fiber lasers can operate in both pulsed wave (PW) and continuous wave (CW) modes, and the peak power in pulsed mode is ten times higher than the average power. QCW fiber lasers can generate several kilowatts of peak power at low frequencies. Therefore, QCW lasers are very suitable for commercial processing.

1. QCW 150W ~ QCW 450W




2. CW 1500W ~ CW 4000W


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