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CSB-090060-S-150~2000W Fiber (Syntec) Laser Cutting System

CSB-090060-S  150 W ~ 2000 W  Fiber Laser Cutting System 

Fiber Laser and Syntec Controller Inside)

(Ball-Screw Axes ; Working Area: 090x060 cm)




1. Precitec  e8197ee17b3eb3e0a9276f73be78cea0.PNG Cutting Head  (MiniCutter) used in this system to work with IPG QCW 150 W  ~ CW 2000 W fiber lasers for cutting thinner (ex:  0.1 ~ 3 mm) metals.

2. Precitec  e8197ee17b3eb3e0a9276f73be78cea0.PNG Cutting Head  (LightCutter 2.0) used in this system to work with IPG  QCW 450 W ~ CW 6000 W fiber lasers for cutting thicker (ex:  5 mm ~ 12 mm) metals.



** References on Processing Capability of LLC Fiber Laser Systems  **




*150W~450W QCW Fiber Laser

*1500W~2000W CW Fiber Laser


 via following link to get the catalog:

1. 150 W ~ 450 W QCW fiber lasers :

CSB-090060-S-QCW Fiber Lasers-Syntec 2021-0507.pdf

2. 1500 W ~ 2000 W CW Fiber Lases :

CSB-090060-S-CW KW Fiber Lasers-Syntec 2021-0506.pdf

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