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r Life Company (LLC) was established in 1994, is a leading company of industrial grade CO2/Fiber laser processing machines in TaiwanWe engage in CO2/FIBER laser machines for cutting, engraving and marking, and constantly keep evolutionary going of superb products range until today.

   With the knowledge, experience and good local supply, we devote in 
research, manufacturing and sale of easy approach, high quality and outstanding laser processing machines with brand EZLASER   to stay competitive with major brands in the laser field worldwide. 

Since 1996, the first CO2 laser cutting system was released by LLC, we had successfully expanded both domestic and global market. LLC has not only built the reputation of outstanding product quality, but also made EZLASER systems a top brand of good reliabilty in the application fields.


◎ ISO 90012000, TAIWAN.
◎ CDRH Class I

◎ T

     In recent years,LLC  was continueously developing and releasing CO2 laser cutting,engraving and patterning machines with larger working size,higher power and even easier operation without losing glittery good quality. Moreover, we were expanding our capabilities to produce compact FIBER laser machines  for cutting metals as well as patterning,to catch all opportunities in highly growing segaments of the market.



       Head office of Laser Life Company locats in Hsinchu Science Based Industrial Park. It is not far away from High Speed Rail Station of Hsinchu. 

     For getting to our place, you can take a taxi at the Rail Station. And it could take around 15 minutes to arrive here depending on traffic situation.
 And it costs less than NT$300.by taxi.

     Visitors could use the map image below to help the communications with local taxi driver, supposed it becomes necessay.


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 TEL: +886-3-5641418    FAX:+886-3-5641419 

  5F, No.5, Technology RD., Science-Based Industrial Park, Hsinchu 300, TAIWAN  
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