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~~ Compact Fiber Laser Cutter for Metals ~~ Different Models Including : CSB-090060 / CSB-060060 / CLB-126128 / CLB-090060

* References on Processing Capability of CO2 Laser Systems  *




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In this example, a Rofin-Sinar UK SCx20 has been used to scribe a ceramic plate to a depth of 360 micrometres, with a line width of 70 micrometres, at a speed of 7.8 m/min. The SCx laser was pulsed at a frequency of 1 kHz producing a peak power of 100 mJ and a 2.5" positive meniscus lens was used to focus the beam down to the required size. Air at a pressure of 2.5 bar was used as an assist gas. 

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