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AZCSF-130090 CO2 Laser Machine - Cutting Metals

AZCSF-130090 series Laser Machine for Cutting Metals (Steel, Stainless Steel...)

(High Precision Ball-Screw, "Surface Auto-Tracking Set" , 200W / 500W RF Pulse CO2  Laser Inside, AC Servo Motor, Working Area: 130x090 cm)









"Surface Auto-Tracking Set" is consisted of Motorized Height Tracking Mechanism (MHTM) and Setting Panel (SP), users now are able to do "Auto Focusing on Metallic Surface" (AFOMS) and get much better cutting quality than those machines without it.  

Features & Benefits:
1. Friendly Operation Design : The LCD touch panel makes it very convenient to modify operating parameters.
2. Lens Socket Focus Module : Exchange & maintain lens easily.
3. CCD Positioning Module (Option) : Enable accurate re-positioning of initial cut for printed material.
4. Modularized Design : Enable maintenance cheaper, faster & easily.
5. NC Servo Motors : Enable high accuracy under high cutting speed.
6. Sealed high-accuracy ball screw axes to prevent cutting dust accumulate on motion system.
7. Sloping Hopper Design : Collect the cut pieces very smoothly.
8. Red Pointer : Help user to locate the laser beam and focusing, also indicate the preview of cutting path.
9. Excellent Cutting Capability : Fast Cutting Speed up to 30M/min ; Metal thickness workable : Cutting steel up to thickness of 4.8mm and stainless-steel up to 2.5mm.
10. Needle Table : Provide best support to metal sheet.
11. CAD/CAM Software : EZLASER CAD/CAM accepts DXF / HPGL / CNC code files. It provides unique functions to make excellent productions rapidly.
12. Versatile Cutting Application : Like Stainless-Steel Gasket, Metallic Signs, One-of-a-kind Metallic Case, Architectural Models, Template, Stencils...  









 via following link to get the catalog:

1. Kern Pulse CO2 Lasers (Metal Tube) 200W/500W Inside:
    AZCSF-130090-Kern RF CO2 Lasers - 20230522.pdf


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