We delivered a lots of compact fiber laser cutting systems in past 6 months. And we released some new attractive laser patterning systems to promising application fields.
Laser Systems
CO2 EBF-Time Belt
EBF-130090-60~200W CO24
https://www.laserlife-ezlaser.com/custom_82603.html EBF-130090-60~200W CO2 EBF-130090-60~200W CO2 EBF-130090 Big CO2 Laser Engraving and Cutting System(Working Area:130x090 cm)              via following link to get the catalog:1. Kern Pulse CO2 Lasers (Metal Tube) 100W/200W .. 400W : EBF-130090- Kern RF CO2 lasers - 20220411.pdf 2. Synrad 60W / 80W / 100W / 200W :EBF-130090- Air Cooled CW RF lasers - 2019-0508.pdf EBF-130090- Water Cooled CW RF lasers - 20190508.pdf
~~ Compact Fiber Laser Cutter for Metals ~~ Different Models Including : CSB-090060 / CSB-060060 / CLB-126128 / CLB-090060