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~~ Compact Fiber Laser Cutter for Metals ~~ Different Models Including : CSB-090060 / CSB-060060 / CLB-126128 / CLB-090060

The EZLASER Firmware will be offering to our customers for updating free of charge.

In order to make sure the updating is correctly performed, it is essential to answer below questionairs without a single mistake:
1. Your Contact Information:(*)
2. The S/N of Laser_Machine:(*)
3. The Model Name of Laser Machine:(*)
4. Is there any change made to the motion controller or computer in past?(*)
  • 4.1 No, everything remained the same as in the beginning.
  • 4.2 Yes. (Next, you need to answer the questions in item 5.)
5.1 If the motion controller had been changed, what is the S/N of the motion controller operating now in the machine?
5.2 Do you know other major changes made to the linked computer?
6. What is the version of Windows OS in the computer connected with Laser Machine?(*)
7. Who owns this machine?(*)
  • 7.1 I own this machine.
  • 7.2 Our customer is the owner.
8. Additional Notes:
Verification code(*)