We delivered a lots of compact fiber laser cutting systems in past 6 months. And we released some new attractive laser patterning systems to promising application fields.
Laser Systems
Fiber MNB-Galvo on motorized Z-lifting3
https://www.laserlife-ezlaser.com/custom_69875.html MNB-000000-20~50W Fiber MNB-000000-20~50W Fiber Fiber Laser Marker - MNB-000000 (20W~50W,Pulsed,Q-switch Fiber Laser) MNB-000000 series (Mini-Station) Features & Benefits:1. Size, Safety & Ability: small size Class I safety protection.2. Motorized Ball-Screw Axes with excellent accuracy actuates Z-axis movement for focusing.3. Precision and fine marking lines width less than 0.03mm.4. IPG Fiber Laser Inside : Stable output power and extremely Durable for heavy duty processing.5. Be able to mark objects of drawing (circle,arc...),auto-text (S/N, 1D/2D barcode...) and graphics (DXF,PLT,BMP,TIF,JPG...)6. Easy Maintenance Design : Easy open side covers and modular design make maintenance faster and easier.7. Minimum Machine Frame Design : Compact frame design minimizes the machine footprint. 8. EZLASER CAD/CAM (Marker) Software for setting parameters with familiar Windows functions and easy-to-learn for users.9. With the Pulse-Duration-Selectable feature, users are able to make different level or results of marking on material. For example, users are able to make colored marks on surface of stainless steel with almost all colors... Industry & Application1. Electronic Parts (IC, pc board, keyboard...)2. Day and Night Components (panel, switch, indicator...)3. Automobile Industry (casting, molded part, ball-bearing...)4. ID and Security Card (smart card, bank card, badge...)5. Jewelry and Watches (for marking logo, brand name...)6. Medical Devices (stainless steel, titanium alloy...)7. Metallic Tools (drill, joint head...)8. Cables or Pipes (for tracking production batch/date etc...)  via following link to get the catalog:1. Pulse Duration fixed at 100ns : MNB-000000 Pulse Fiber Lasers 20W-50W - 20191231.pdf 2. Pulse Duration Selectable (8 modes from 1 to 200 ns) : MNB-000000 Pulse-Duration- SELECTABLE 20-50W Fiber Laser - 20200107.pdf* X-axis Exchange Table Options *