We delivered a lots of compact fiber laser cutting systems in past 6 months. And we released some new attractive laser patterning systems to promising application fields.
Laser Systems
CO2 EBF-Time Belt3
https://www.laserlife-ezlaser.com/custom_49935.html EBF-130100-60~100W CO2 EBF-130100-60~100W CO2 ~NEW~    EBF-130100 via following link to get the catalog: EBF-130100-CW RF lasers-2019-0704.pdf  
https://www.laserlife-ezlaser.com/custom_82603.html EBF-130090-60~200W CO2 EBF-130090-60~200W CO2 EBF-130090 Big CO2 Laser Engraving and Cutting System(Working Area:130x090 cm)              via following link to get the catalog:1. Kern Pulse CO2 Lasers (Metal Tube) 100W/200W .. 400W : EBF-130090- Kern RF CO2 lasers - 20220411.pdf 2. Synrad 60W / 80W / 100W / 150W :EBF-130090- Air Cooled CW RF lasers - 2019-0508.pdf EBF-130090- Water Cooled CW RF lasers - 20190508.pdf
https://www.laserlife-ezlaser.com/custom_82601.html EBF-090060-60~100W CO2 EBF-090060-60~100W CO2 EBF-090060-60 ~ 100W CO2  laser engraving system(Working Area : 090X060 cm, with 60~100W CO2 Laser) Which is a very productive and easy-to-maintain system for workshops need to work on different material with small word and intricate artwork.Ideal for shop for making award item, gift item and souvenir item, signage item, rubber stamp...   via following link to get the catalog: EBF-090060-CW RF lasers-20200630.pdf