~~ Compact Fiber Laser Cutter for Metals ~~ Different Models Including : CSB-090060 / CSB-060060 / CLB-126128 / CLB-090060
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1. PSB-090060-9.3um CO2 Laser Patterning System
     Excellent for Patterning / Cutting PET and other Plastic Film Material....
     (Available 100W~185W CO2 Laser 9.3 um )

Thin films used in many packaging processes require drilling (hole cutting) and perforating to
facilitate opening
or promote breathability. 

Synrad lasers excel at high-speed precision drilling and perforating operations. 

With a wide range of pulse lasers in multiple wavelengths, and exceptional peak pulse power
for mid-power
(100 Watt – 600 Watt) lasers, Synrad lasers can accurately drill/perforate thin films
at high speeds.

Recommended thin film drilling and perforating lasers: 
p-Series (100W to 400W pulse lasers)

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2. PSB-090060-10.6um CO2 Laser Patterning System
     Fastest Machine for Patterning / Cutting thin material like paper, card board etc.
     (Available 150W~300W CO2 Laser 10.6 um )



Please be noted : Another PSB-060060 seriese shown below
with working area of 060 x 060 cm are available and could be
equipped with 100W~300W CO2 Laser of 10.6 and 


 via following link to get the catalog: